Richardson x Nick Waplington Surf Riot T-Shirt

Richardson x Nick Waplington Surf Riot T-Shirt

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20 Singles 100% Supima cotton T-Shirt with screenprinted Surf Riot artwork by photographer Nick Waplington.

"On the last day of August 1986, Nick Waplington woke up late and turned on the news. An Aeromexico DC9 had collided with a light aircraft going to Big Bear for the weekend. Both aircrafts dropped from the sky onto residential Cerritas, near Huntington Beach, just south of Los Angeles. The collision killed all those onboard both planes — plus a number of people unlucky enough to be at home that Labor Day morning. Waplington then drove to Huntington Beach, where he had been planning to watch the OP Surf Pro Championships. Upon arrival, all hell was breaking loose. Having only one roll of 24 exposure film, Waplington documented the chaos exploding around him in 25 concise frames. "

Made in USA. 


S - PIT TO PIT: 20"" [50.8cm] ARMS: 8" [20.3cm] LENGTH: 28"" [71.2cm]

M - PIT TO PIT: 21.5"" [58.2cm] ARMS: 8.25"" [20.9cm] LENGTH: 29"" [73.7cm]

L - PIT TO PIT: 23"" [58.2cm] ARMS: 9"" [22.8cm] LENGTH: 30"" [76.2cm]

XL - PIT TO PIT: 24.5"" [62.23cm] ARMS: 9.25"" [23.5cm] LENGTH: 31"" [78.8cm]